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Maintain it, Repair it, Regrow it, plump it, protect it, spike it, slick it, dry it, shine it, freeze it, clean it, refresh it, wax it, gloss it, mold it, color it, curl it,scrunch it, wave it, smooth it, beach it, grow it and manipulate it.



The Mane Gallery Carries a Wide variety of the top Professional brands for Hair Care. We have everything to maintain your new look. We carry shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, repair treatments, protective agents and wet brushes. To inquire about our specials and what products are in stock please call or visit us.

​All stylist continue their education on product knowledge. The industry is forever growing and changing and we take pride in staying up to date with todays hair product advancements.

Please feel free to talk to your stylist to find your hair needs.

Bain De Terre [5 Star Rating]

fantastic shampoo & conditioner. the conditioner is super luxurious. leaves hair super hydrated
but not oily. some shampoos, by the end of the day, leave my hair almost dirty & lifeless. not this stuff. i have shoulder length wavy, frizzy, blonde hair, swim in chlorinated pool 4 days a week. wash hair daily.
this stuff is amazing. combats frizz, moisturizes, doesn't leave buildup that weighs down curls. super pleased with results.

This Brush Works  [5 Star Rating]
I got this brush mainly for my daughter who has super curley, thick yet fine hair. The tangles (and tears) are insane-like dreads, up to the scalp knots. I have tried leave-ins, argan oil, boars hair bristle brushes, all help, but this brush is magic!! 
Get this brush if you have fine tangly hair or if you have thick knotty hair-works great on both!! Love it!!!
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